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General maintenance and inspection about marine lifesaving equipment , GMDSS , Marine fire extinguishing system,
Marine Raft Nagoya guarantees high quality experienced service according to
regulation and circular of IMO , SOLAS , Classification Society , and authority of ship's registry

We are highly trusted by a lot of Shipowners and Ship Management Companies for not only high quality service but also "Fast approaching" , "Fast delivery" and "Low Cost"

Marine lifesaving equipment
・Inflatable Liferaft
・Liferaft for Small ship
・Immersion Suit
・Life Jacket
・Buoyant Apparatus

・Search and Rescue Radar Transponders ( SART )
・Two-way Radio

Marine fire extinguishing system
・Various types of Portable Fire Extinguishers ( CO2 , Foam , Dry Powder )
・Various Foam Applicators
・Fixed HALON Fire Extinguishing System
・Fixed CO2 Fire Extinguishing System
・Fixed Foam Fire Extinguishing System
・Fire Detection and Fire Alarm System
・Water Mist Fire Extinguishing System / Automatic Sprinkler System
・Fireman's Suit
・Fireman's Outfit

In particular at "Port in Chubu area" that our Headquarters is based ( Nagoya , Kinuura ( Handa ) , Gamagori , Toyohashi , Yokkaichi , Matsuzaka , and Toba etc. )
when you would request , we can offer great support along with excellent our own transportation access and excellent staff.

We will support you with confidence by "Faster Approaching , Faster Delivery" than anywhere else , by "Lower Cost" than anywhere else.

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contact us  CONTACT US    choose language  ENGLISH  |  日本語

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