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General maintenance and inspection about marine lifesaving equipment , GMDSS , Marine fire extinguishing system , Gas detector,
Marine Raft Nagoya guarantees high quality experienced service according to
regulation and circular of IMO , SOLAS , Classification Society , and authority of ship's registry.

We are highly trusted by a lot of Shipowners and Ship Management Companies for not only high quality service but also "Fast approaching" , "Fast delivery" and "Low Cost".

Marine lifesaving equipment
・Inflatable Liferaft
・Liferaft for Small ship
・Immersion Suit
・Life Jacket
・Buoyant Apparatus

・Search and Rescue Radar Transponders ( SART )
・Two-way Radio

Marine fire extinguishing system
・Various types of Portable Fire Extinguishers ( CO2 , Foam , Dry Powder, etc.)
・Various Foam Applicators
・Fixed HALON Fire Extinguishing System
・Fixed CO2 Fire Extinguishing System
・Fixed Foam Fire Extinguishing System
・Fire Detection and Fire Alarm System
・Water Mist Fire Extinguishing System / Automatic Sprinkler System
・Fireman's Suit
・Fireman's Outfit

Gas detector
・Portable gas detector (O2 , CO , H2S multi detector, etc.)
   We are licensed by RIKEN KEIKI Co.,Ltd.

In particular at "Port in Chubu area" that our Headquarters is based ( Nagoya , Kinuura ( Handa ) , Gamagori , Toyohashi , Yokkaichi , Matsuzaka , Toba, etc. )
when you would request , we can offer great support along with excellent our own transportation access and excellent staff.

We will support you with confidence by "Faster Approaching , Faster Delivery" than anywhere else , by "Lower Cost" than anywhere else.

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contact us  CONTACT US    choose language  ENGLISH  |  日本語

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